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Products & services offered at Luzo Fuel in New Bedford

Luzo Fuel is a trusted wholesale dealer for fuel. You can count on our team for home heating oil, off-road diesel fuel and subcontracted furnace cleaning and repair services.

Home heating oil

If you have an oil furnace, like many homes and other facilities do in the Northeast, you’re probably familiar with many of the benefits that come with using oil heat as a source of warmth. Oil heat is more efficient than gas, cheaper than electric and an generally safer source of heat.

Luzo Fuel has become a trusted source for many residents in the area who rely on oil as their primary method of home heating. You can count on our team to be your local and dependable dealer for heating oil for years to come.

Off-road diesel fuel

Luzo Fuel offers Diesel One, a top-quality diesel fuel that is clean, efficient and effective. When you're looking for the perfect fuel for your construction equipment, Diesel One is a premium machinery fuel that promises:

• Increased fuel economy
• Lower costs, higher horsepower
• Longer engine life

Furnace repair and cleaning

Have you noticed that your furnace isn’t performing as well as it should? Luzo Fuel is happy to arrange for a subcontractor to come out and service your furnace. Whether it needs a repair or a thorough cleaning, we’d be happy to get all the details together so you can enjoy a better, safer heat.
Get in touch with the team at Luzo Fuel today to start arranging fuel delivery service in or around New Bedford, MA.